Track satellite positioning and optimize processes.

ARGOS is designed to track vehicles, products and any other object in movement.

It monitors and optimizes delivery times, preventing any assets from being lost or damaged. It is safe, portable, easy to use and completely wireless.

Security and control

Our goal is to optimize proceses and costs, and to avoid cargo loss, by tracking satellite positioning and sending it through cellular networks via POST.

a) ARGOS receipt.

b) Tour inside the industrial park.

c) ARGOS return.

GPS Features

Satellite GPS positioning.

Data transfer through cellular network via POST request.

LED indicators.

- Battery level indicator.

- ARGOS’ status indicator.

Positioning frequency.

Time lapses in the GPS’s position storage.

Data transfer frequency.

Time lapses in between of each data being sent to the system.

Technical specifications

3G - 3.5G Operation frequency

B2/1900 Mhz B5/850 Mhz

GPS sensibility (SBAS: WAAS)

-161 dBm


Li-io 3.7 - 2500 mAh

Ingress protection


Data transfer frequency

1min - 30min

Autonomous operation time

300 - 1100 hPa

Wireless battery charge:

- Supply voltage 5VDC

- Power consumption 5W

- Charging time 4 hours

- Mico USB type B

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